Naming Ceremonies


A Naming Ceremony welcomes your child into your family and community; it is a rite of passage that has been celebrated throughout human history and helps to forge bonds which will support and nurture the child in the years to come. And just because you are not religious, therefore not interested in a baptism or christening, it doesn't mean you don't want to celebrate the awesome little human you have created, right?

Combining a Naming Ceremony with a first birthday is a very popular choice for lots of families. After all, if you've got everyone together to celebrate making it through the first year of bub's life unscathed, you might as well take the opportunity to formally recognise your amazing achievement. In saying that, Naming Ceremonies can happen at any age. Heck, my husband and I only just named our third and fourth children recently and they were four and almost three! Oh well, better late than never, they say! 

Naming Ceremonies are very flexible in structure; I've performed so many ceremonies with different wording, rituals and blessings, but I'm always open to learning about new traditions and ideas to incorporate. A Naming Ceremony is a great opportunity to honour your child’s grandparents, aunts and uncles, to formally nominate godparents or guardians, and to acknowledge the support and love these significant people will provide. Parents and any guests you wish to include may play a role in the proceedings by their involvement in traditional candle lighting or tree planting ceremonies, readings, wishing tree, or any other family traditions or rituals you choose. Certificates are given to parents, godparents and even grandparents if you like. 


Full Package

  • Planning consultation
  • Jamie personally performs the ceremony at your chosen venue
  • Professionally printed certificates for parents, godparents/guardians and optionally for grandparents
  • Specialised wishing cards for guests to write their blessings for your child (bring your own beautiful box or container to hold them)



DIY Naming

  • Email planning consultation
  • Personalised ceremony written for your child sent to you which you and your family can present on your special day
  • Professionally printed certificates for parents, godparents/guardians and optionally for grandparents





* This fee quoted are based on naming ceremonies held up to a 50km range from my office in Bulli, NSW. Get in touch to discuss travel costs for naming ceremonies beyond this radius.